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Forage In Spring: The Food and Medicine of Britain’s Wild Plants

Forage In Spring: The Food and Medicine of Britain’s Wild Plants

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Unlock the Secrets of Britain's Wild Plants and Embark on a Life-Changing Foraging Journey

Are you ready to reconnect with nature and discover the hidden treasures of Britain's wild plants?

"Forage In Spring" is your ultimate guide to the top 15 edible and medicinal wild plants found in March, April, and May.

Written by renowned expert Robin Harford, this book is an immersive experience that will transform your relationship with the natural world.

What You'll Discover Inside

✅ The forgotten stories of the following plants: Alexanders, Brooklime, Cleavers (Goosegrass), Dandelion, Garlic Mustard, Ground Elder, Ground Ivy, Plantain, Primrose, Ramsons (Wild Garlic), Sea Beet, Smooth Sowthistle, Sorrel, Stinging Nettle and Sweet Violet.

✅ Comprehensive exploration of their past and present uses as food and medicine

✅ Stunning illustrations and easy-to-follow guidance for identifying plants

✅ A wealth of knowledge on each plant's history, folklore, and uses

Invaluable insights for foragers, herbalists, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts

Kind Words

"Fantastic books. Extremely helpful and entertaining. Provided me and the kids a new hobby—more me for now—in our spare time. We have already accurately identified many plants and look forward to identifying many more through till autumn." - Martin B.

"Loving this, very informative. Packed an awful lot into this beautiful guide, with colour photos, history, quirky bits of folk law, medicinal qualities and recipes all in one book." - Pauline W.

"I love this book. I am an absolute novice forager, excitedly trying to learn as much as I can. Robin has extraordinary knowledge on this subject and I'm particularly grateful for the photos of each plant to help with identification - whole plant, leaf and flower." - Genevieve B.

"Loving the recipe ideas as well as the well written information accompanying each plant. Would recommend the book for anyone wanting to get out there and do a bit of foraging." - Pauline T.

Why Choose "Forage In Spring"?

✔️ Written by a renowned expert with unparalleled knowledge and experience

✔️ Beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs and easy-to-follow guidance

✔️ Provides a comprehensive understanding of Britain's top 15 edible and medicinal wild plants

✔️ Offers a transformative experience that reconnects you with nature and the wild pulse of life

✔️ A must-have resource for foragers, herbalists, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts

About the Author

Robin Harford is a highly respected plant forager, ethnobotanical researcher, and wild food educator.

He is the author of the bestselling "Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland" and the founder of the #1 listed foraging school in the country by BBC Countryfile.

Robin's expertise has been sought after by publications such as BBC Good Food, The Guardian, and The Times, and he is a member of esteemed organisations like the Society of Ethnobotany and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

In Conclusion

"Forage In Spring" is not just a book; it's a transformative experience that will change the way you see and interact with the natural world.

By consuming the wildness of these plants, you'll embark on a journey that reconnects you to the vital pulse of life itself.

Author: Robin Harford
Pages: 242
Book Type: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-915823-01-4
Dimensions: A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)
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