About Robin Harford

Robin Harford established his wild food foraging school in 2008 and is the creator of eatweeds.co.uk. Michelin chef Richard Corrigen recommended the site for inclusion in The Times Top 50 Websites For Food and Drink.

He is the author of the bestselling foraging book, Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland, which has sold over 25,000 copies. He has also written and  published other foraging guidebooks.

Robin has travelled extensively, documenting and recording wild food plants’ traditional and local uses in indigenous cultures. His work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe and the USA.

Occasionally he appears on national and local radio and television. His work has been recommended in BBC Good Food magazine, Sainsbury’s magazine, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, etc.

He is a member of the Society for Ethnobotany and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.